Made in under 24 hours for the Synty Studios 8th birthday jam using only 8 Synty assets!

Bounce your way up the building to save your super-friend!

Your super-friend is located on the top of the building on the right side of the play area.

Post a screenshot of your high score in the comments!

Controls -
A/D to move left/right
Space to jump

Made in Unity using only these assets:
SM_Chr_Kid_Superhero_01 from Polygon Kids
SM_Chr_Kid_Superhero_02 from Polygon Kids
SM_Prop_Gymnastics_Springboard_01 from Polygon Kids
SM_Env_Background_Building_01 from Polygon Nightclubs
SM_Bld_Base_Wall_01 from Polygon Nightclubs
SkyDome from Simple Skies
FX_Healing_Cirle_02 from Polygon Particle FX Pack
SM_Primitive_Cube_04 from Polygon Prototype Pack using DanceFloor_Mat_01 from Polygon Nightclubs

Boing sounds from Ultimate Sound FX Bundle
Victory sound from Humble Music pack
Music from Mega Game Music Collection

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsHigh Score, Superhero


Download 40 MB


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I like it... it's simple and it takes less than 8 seconds to learn the mechanics.