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Made this prototype for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 187, theme of ice cream truck. Probably could have had the gameplay a little more fleshed out, but got hung up on level design for a few days of the jam. 

Some known issues:
Near the starting point customers seem to disappear. 
AI can be wonky, sometimes causing customers to just stand next to the truck. Move on to other customers and it should clear up the issue. 
Car sounds seem to be very low in the build.

W-A-S-D to drive/brake/steer
Space for handbrake
C to change camera
Escape for menu

Xbox controller:
Left stick to steer
Right trigger to accelerate 
Left trigger to brake
B for Handbrake
Back for change camera
Start for menu

Some of the assets used:
Synty Studios 3D Model  Packs
Ice Cream Stacked
NWH Vehicle Physics 2
Polyverse Skies
Epic Toon FX
MK Toon
Advanced Dissolve

Signs of Summer - Ty Simon
Patio Lanterns - Alternative Version - Rex Banner
Lovely Day - Rex Banner
Homemade Apple Pie - Jamie Bathgate
Playground - Young Rich Pixies
Easy Breezy - Rhythm Scott
Baby Steps - Rhythm Scott
Primary Colors - Rex Banner
Sunset Beach Song - Jim Gaven


iScream.zip 565 MB


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I remember when gta sold ice cream

This is one of those jam games where it's more fun to not do the objective. Things I liked:

  • Pedestrians pushing my ice cream truck when I'm in their way
  • The time I ran over the pedestrian and they flew into the sky
  • When I ran over that other guy and it dented the tire
  • Trying to drive into the water and failing
  • The repair shop which reminds me of GTA

Haha, definitely one of those types of jam games. I got caught up in some open world level design for a couple days of the jam which ultimately only tanked the framerate so I nixed it anyway (the bridges were open and went to a farm/suburb). Probably should have used that time to iron out bugs and extend the actual game loop, because it ended up being super shallow.

Thanks for trying it out!